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Roca One Day Design Challenge

El concurso de diseño rápido ¨One Day Design Challenge by Roca¨ se realizó por segunda vez en Polonia, y reunió aprox. 160 jóvenes arquitectos y diseñadores. Los participantes tenían 7 horas para diseñar el aseo en una tienda. » más


Frontiers in tax. Polish edition - January 2019

In this Issue: Significant complications with withholding tax. Beneficial owner - seemingly small change of colossal significance, 5% CIT rate within reach, Your e-PIT - new rules for filing tax returns, Changes in VAT law, Changes in the Tax Ordinance - the next step in the fight against tax avoidance, Transfer pricing - the pace of change does not slow down. » más


Rödl & Partner – number 1 among accounting firms

Rödl & Partner was ranked first in the category of "Accounting firms" and second in the ranking of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies by "Book of Lists". Other leading positions include 3rd place in the ranking of tax advisory firms and 4th place among international law firms. Our firm has confirmed its strong position on the Polish consulting market for another year in a row. » más