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KPMG FORUM is a Polish-English quarterly where experts from KPMG in Poland share their professional expertise in audit, taxation, as well as strategic, operational and legal advisory services.

  • Value of audit: Time for a change – Stacy Ligas
  • Modern decision-making support tools – Krzysztof Radziwon, Radosław Kowalski
  • Amendments to the act on local fees and taxes with respect to real property tax – Agata Małecka
  • The strategic dimension of innovation – Jerzy Kalinowski, Kiejstut Żagun
  • Private equity a way to grow business – Rafał Wiza, Piotr Grauer
  • Online portals to become a priority for Polish non-life insurers – Piotr Kondratowicz
  • How the form of business activity impacts taxation – Tomasz Kamiński
  • Can a court fee be recovered in respect of appeals against decisions made by the National Chamber of Appeal? – Mikołaj Zdyb
  • Reports by KPMG in Poland

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KPMG FORUM is a Polish/English quarterly, printed on recycled paper, authored by KPMG experts from the Polish practice. Based on their professional experience, the authors explore the challenges and problems arising in their daily work. The magazine includes current publications that are valuable in terms of business and address the issues of audit and tax, as well as strategic, operational and legal advisory issues.


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