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Who is the most influential on EU Energy Union Policy?

  • Fecha de evento 25 febrero 2016
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  • Publicación 25 febrero 2016
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A ranking of the top 40 policy experts with influence in EU Energy Union policy was unveiled at a debate on the “State of the Energy Union one year after its launch”, organised by the EurActiv Institute.


Almost half of those listed in the #EurActory40 took part in the debate hosted by Ian Duncan (MEP ECR) in the European Parliament on Wednesday 24 February 2016.


Breaking it down, the #EurActory40 Energy Union ranking reveals that:


EU Energy Union politics is dominated by Germans and Brits, with France coming in a distant third place; respectively accounting for 9 (DE), 7 (UK), 4 (FR), and as well 2 (PL) and 2 (SPAIN) influencers in the top 40.


Policy-makers from the EU institutions make up roughly half of the list (19), closely followed by a group of policy Influencers representing different stakeholders and interests (18). Three energy policy analysts from key (energy) think tanks also made it into the #EurActory40.


Half of the decision-makers are based outside of Brussels (9 out of 19), while almost all influencers and analysts are based in Brussels (19 out of 21).


Gender balance is not yet a reality in EU energy policymaking with only 9 women out of 40 (22,5%) in the list. From the 7 UK nationals in the list, all of them are men.


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