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Spanish Succes - European Powers of Construction by Deloitte

  • Fecha de evento 25 abril 2016
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  • Publicación 25 abril 2016
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As in previous years, the ranking of the Top 50 EPoC 2014, by sales volume, is led by Vinci, ACS and Bouygues, which
represent 37% of total income recorded by our EPoC. Spain has the largest presence in the Top 20, with 5 companies ranked between 2nd and 20th place.


Total sales of EPoC 2014 remained in line with prior years and amounted to €293,404 million. Among the Top 20,
Vinci, ACS and Balfour Beatty decreased their revenues by more than €1,000 million each, while Salini Impregilo and
Interserve increased their sales by 81% and 35%, climbing twelve and two positions, respectively. Salini Impregilo,
which is now included in the Top 20, almost doubled its total revenue as a consequence of the merger carried out
in January 2014 between Salini and Impregilo. On the other hand, removing the exchange rate effect, Interserve’s
revenue increased by 28% partially due to the acquisition of Initial Facilities and ESG.


France still dominates the ranking in terms of both total sales and market capitalisation, by country. The French
EPoC decreased total sales by 2%, mainly driven by a 4% contraction in Vinci´s total revenue as a result of the
slowdown noted in certain activities performed locally. Spain has the largest presence in the Top 20, with 5

companies ranked between 2nd and 20th place. Totalsales of Spanish EPoC decreased by 5% to €63,147 million, mainly due to the divestments accomplished by ACS in Australia in 2014. Additionally, it is remarkable that Ferrovial is the only group among the Top 10 that was able to improve its position in the ranking in 2014.


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