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Business breakfast: CIT settlement for 2019

  • Fecha de evento 06 febrero 2020
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  • Publicación 29 enero 2020
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During the business breakfast NGL Legal Tax team will discuss the crucial challenges regarding the CIT settlement for 2019. The participation is free for PHIG members. 


NGL Legal and the Polish Spanish Chamber of Commerce

are pleased to invite you to the business breakfast:

CIT settlement for 2019


The meeting will take place on 6th of February, 2020, h. 9.30 - 12.00 am (registration at 9.00) in NGL Legal office, Koszykowa 61B (8th floor).


In the last couple of years, there have been many tax changes in Poland. This trend has continued in 2019, which results in several technical questions regarding the CIT settlements. NGL Legal Tax team will be happy to discuss the crucial challenges regarding the CIT settlement for 2019. We will focus on the key practical aspects of the CIT settlements. We will also focus on MDR and TP reporting, including the penalties.



CIT settlement for 2019

  • Withholding tax – current status of the legislation and necessary requirements
  • Intangible services – practice of the tax authorities during the tax audits, CIT deductibility limitation, WHT
  • Questions regarding the proper allocation of the revenues and the costs (sources of revenue)
  • Company cars – applying of the new rules of settlement the costs
  • Safe usage of the tax incentives – IP Box and R&D relief
  • Proper settlement of the tax losses after the changes
  • Tax on real estate (minimum tax, commercial real estate tax)
  • CIT sanctions – when are they applicable?


Mandatory Disclosure Rules

  • Practical questions regarding the reporting:
    • MDR – 3 – signing, submitting, deadlines
    • MDR –1 – practical aspects of the reporting in 2019
  • MDR procedures – when are they necessary, obligatory audit of the procedure


New TP regime

  • Responsibility of the management board
  • Applicability of the new thresholds
  • Deadlines and practical aspects of reporting
  • Scope of the documentation – what has changed in comparison to the previous years.


The meeting will be held in Polish.
The participation is free, places will be assigned on a first come-first serve basis.
The organizers reserve the right to select applications, in particular, to refuse any application sent by entities operating in competition with NGL Legal.

In order to register for the event please send an e-mail to before 3.02.2020.