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Property Index Overview of European Residential Markets by Deloitte

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Property Index is a comparative report regarding
residential markets and housing across Europe. It
analyses factors influencing the development of
residential markets and compares residential property
prices in selected (not only) European countries and
This year we are answering the question: “What size of
dwelling can you buy for EUR 200,000?” This allows for
observation and comparison of residential markets with
a new perspective.

We asked Deloitte’s real estate professionals what the average transaction price of a new dwelling in the largest cities and their countries is. After that we calculated the average size of a property that can be bought for EUR 200,000. The reason for choosing this amount was because of the actual price situation on the residential market in Europe. The average size of a new dwelling in the largest European cities was 90 sq m, whereas among European countries it was 114 sq m.


Country comparison

From our research it is obvious that the farther east a country’s location is, the more affordable the dwellings are. The only exceptions are countries situated more to the south like Spain or Portugal. The following summaries our research:
• The largest average size of a new dwelling can be generally bought in Russia of almost 280 sq m, even if the capital Moscow belongs to cities with the most expensive residential properties.

• In Hungary, Portugal and Poland people can afford to buy a more than 5-room dwelling for EUR 200,000 .
• The Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have dwellings whose size is slightly below the European average. Normally a 4-room apartment is available for this price in these countries.
• In Italy, Austria and Ireland the average size of a new dwelling is smaller than in states in CEE and Eastern Europe.
• In the United Kingdom people can only buy a one-room apartment with an area of 39 sq m for EUR 200,000 .


Cities comparison

By comparing cities within Europe large distinctions were observed. The average area of a new dwelling fluctuated between 11 and 201 sq m. The results show that in selected cities people can only buy a dwelling the size of a “bathroom”, whereas in other cities luxury houses are affordable for this amount. For better illustration we

have selected the 3 largest cities from each country.
• The highest average sizes of new dwellings were recorded in cities from the CEE and Eastern Europe. The winner
of this comparison was Debrecen with 201 sq m.
• Ekaterinburg located in Russia occupied second place with an average size of a new dwelling of almost 200 sq m.
• Only non-capitals were situated at the end of the ranking list. Large apartments are affordable in Györ (188 sq m), Łódź (183 sq m) or Ostrava (168 sq m).
• Kranj, Riga, Prague, Turin, The Hague and Lisbon were in terms of the average area slightly above the European average.
• Less affordable living was observed mainly in the capitals of Western and Central Europe, for example Brussels
(69 sq m), Madrid (67 sq m), Berlin (63 sq m), Rome (58 sq m) or Amsterdam (55 sq m).
• In Dublin (47 sq m), Jerusalem (39 sq m) or Munich (33 sq m) EUR 200,000 is only enough to buy a one room apartment for.
• The lowest average size of a new dwelling for EUR 200,000 is in Central London (11 sq m), followed by Paris (19 sq m). To buy an apartment of 201 sq m in Central London (as in Debrecen for same amount) people would need EUR 3,655,000.


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