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New Urbino 12 in Norway for the first time

  • Agregado 11 diciembre 2015
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After Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland, Norway is a further country to have received the new-generation Urbino. Norgesbuss AS has recently taken delivery of two 12-metre Solaris vehicles for city services in Oslo.


“With joy we looked forward to the moment when the modern Urbino would drive out to Oslo streets. The Solaris buses that have just started operating lines in Oslo are the first units of the new generation in Scandinavia. These two 12-metre Urbino increase the already large number of Solaris buses running around the capital,” said Atle Rønning, General Director of Norgesbuss AS.

“Solaris has confirmed its strong position on Norwegian market which I am pleased about. Now, there are 360 Solaris buses in total running in Norway”, stated Sverre Skaar, Managing Director of Solaris Norge AS.

Both innovative vehicles which have boosted Norgebuss AS’s fleet belong to Solaris new generation of city buses. The construction of new Urbino provides robust rigidity while being significantly lighter in weight at the same time. The power in each vehicle is supplied by the 240 kW DAF/PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6 which is matched to the automatic gear box Voith Diwa. Thanks to the combination of lighter construction and an effective engine, passengers will enjoy smooth, comfortable journey while operators will appreciate much lower fuel consumption and operating costs.

The Urbino designed for Oslo are equipped with a powerful air-conditioning in the whole passenger compartment. The energy-efficient LED technology provides interior lighting and is being used also for exterior day lights. In the spacious and ergonomically planned interior, thirty-two seats are available, two of them as tip-up seats. The comfortable seats will work excellently also on longer, suburban distances.

Service accessibility of the new Urbino 12 is improved with screwed body paneling, allowing quick replacement and repair in case of damage. Hatches now open to 170°, 40° more than before, to facilitate easy access to components.

Axle loads are better distributed by shifting some of the weight from the drive axle to the front of the bus, including a centralized assembly of all compressed air tanks at the front. These advanced engineering changes deliver a higher passenger carrying capacity, better drive dynamics and improved servicing. Improved insulation will lower operating costs and raise comfort levels.

Low-floor Solaris Urbino city buses are already well known to the passengers of public transport in Oslo where sixty-two similar buses have been delivered since 2006. Last year alone, Norgebuss AS purchased forty-six standard length vehicles with Euro 6 engines. As a part of the agreement, Solaris has also established an authorized servicing point, located in northern district of Oslo.


About Solaris Bus & Coach
Solaris Bus & Coach is a major European producer of city, intercity and special-purpose buses as well as low-floor trams. Since the start of production in 1996, over 13 000 vehicles have already left the factory in Bolechowo near Poznań. They are running in 29 countries. Despite its young age, Solaris has become one of the trendsetting companies in its industry. For many years it has been the indisputable leader among the suppliers of city buses in Poland as well as one of the largest suppliers of city buses in Germany.

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