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Nuevas publicaciones de KPMG para el negocio

KPMG Sp. z o.o

  • Agregado 11 febrero 2021
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Nuevas publicaciones de KPMG para el negocio tratán, entre otros, sobre: la ley firmada de fomento de la generación de energía eléctrica en parques eólicos marinos, nuevas obligaciones de las empresas inmobiliarias o nuevas normas en materia de registro único y cédula fiscal.



[PL] magazine: Frontiers in tax | January 2021


Magazine [PL]: PITpoint | January 2021


Magazine [PL]: CITpoint | December 2020


Tax Alert [PL] :: Act on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms signed


Tax Alert [PL]: Obligation to submit a report on payment deadlines in commercial transactions by real estate companies


Tax summary of the week [PL]: 25.01 - 01.02.2021


Tax summary of the week [PL]: 18.01 - 25.01.2021


Tax summary of the week [PL]: 11.01 - 18.01.2021


Article [PL]: Reporting contracts for specific work


Article [PL]: Regulations related to counteracting COVID-19 in the field of PIT and ZUS


Article [PL]: Limiting the abolition allowance will reduce the number of mobile workers?


Article [PL]: New rules regarding the registered lump sum and tax card


Article [PL]: Challenges for employers in 2021


Article [PL]: Posting of workers under the new regulations


Article [PL]: General interpretations issued in the field of PIT during 2020


Article [PL]: Changes in the corporate income tax (CIT) from 2021


Article [PL]: Tax audits - the latest trends (early 2021)


Article [PL]: New obligations for real estate companies


Article [PL]: Income taxes in the international context - what to pay attention to in 2021?


Article [PL]: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on settlements between related entities

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