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KPMG Sp. z o.o

  • Agregado 27 octubre 2015
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KPMG FORUM is a Polish/English quarterly written by KPMG experts in Poland, who explore current audit and tax topics, as well as strategic, operational and legal advisory issues.

  • The amended Accounting Act (further referred to as the ‘Act’) brings simplifications to small undertakings – Wiktoria Chowaniec
  • Investments, or enterprise development with grant funding support – Nina Perret 
  • Calculation of the revenue allocation key by the taxpayers conducting business in the Special Economic Zones – Oskar Wala 
  • Development strategies selected by listed companies in Poland vs. their share price returns – Tomasz Wiśniewski, Jacek Komór, Jakub Matusiak 
  • The traditional finance function seeks a transformation! – Violetta Małek 
  • Electronic Proceedings by Writ of Payment (‘EPU’)– The Consequences of Taking a Shortcut – Tomasz Kamiński 
  • Major Amendments to the Copyright Law – Justyna Szymaszek 
  • Precautionary Measures in Litigation Involving Corporate – Rafał Krzyżak


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